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Thaipusam... Hindu festival located at the Batu Caves!

Updated: May 25, 2020



In 2019 I travelled to many different places around the world from Europe to Asia and today I am going to talking about Malaysia ,Kaula Lumpar(KL).

I landed in Malaysia on the 1st February after doing a weeks work in Singapore. Typical I had to be working in Asia just as the covid-19 pandemic was starting out...

Anyway, I landed in KL (just warning you travellers out there KL airport is actually NOWHERE near KL centre, and to order a Grab taxi and not an airport taxi- BIG MISTAKE on my part haha)

I spent 2 weeks in the Oasia Suites near Bukit Bintag ( KL centre) AMAZINGGG hotel I loved it felt super at home!


I was in KL for photography work (I work for a UK school photography company that fly us all over the world to take school portrait photographs) - so as opposed to travelling I only had evenings and weekends to explore properly.

my hotel was a 10 minute walk from the Petronas Towers- so I went and walked round those and went in the shopping centre nearby.


Me and my colleague went to Chankat on one weekend for a few drinks! highly recommend. Especially if your a girl you get a free drink before you even sit down- VERY CHEAP! probably spent £10 in total for 2 cocktails.

I also learned that just past Changkat there was a street that has about a million massage places! I GOT 4 OR 5 MASSAGES THIS TRIP!!! I don't even remember how many, normally I would blame it on being stressed or something but I mean I just fancied it really. I learnt Malaysian masseuses like to click LITERALLY EVERY BONE!! aroma therapy is the way forward!



Me and lily went to the Batu Caves on the 9th February. The main Thaipusam festivities took place a few days before - but we didn't even know there was a festival occurring.

We turned up to the Batu caves it was absolutely HEEVING!!!

Obviously me being me took my camera to get some fun photos, it was so full of energy and colour. On the way in towards the caves there where rows of stalls selling coloured flower necklaces and jewellery.

Ive never been to a country before where the vast majority likes you to take their photograph and it was so lovely to get shots of the locals!

Some of the kids where dressed in very traditional intricate clothing- they where beautiful and so friendly! There was so many families there celebrating.

Many people had taken off their shoes to pray so there was a massive pile of flip flops shoes next to the temple- you couldn't help but walk across them as there wasn't enough room not to.


We wanted to walk up the stairs to see the caves at the top, when we where at the bottom of the stairs there where men called Devotees, they where resting massive metal entrapments on their shoulders, at the top they had loads of peacock feathers and they where dancing at the bottom of the stairs spinning these heavy metal devices around and singing!

They must have been KNACKERED!! We watched a few of the devotees dance and start the walk up the stairs.

Afterwards I researched more into this festival and we where obviously there for a very tame day. Apparently these men march up all 272 steps right to the top (like we saw) however aside from walking up those many stairs carrying heavy weights they have metal rods and hooks pierced in their skin!!!!! They don't have them removed until they reach the top!


It was SUPERR HOTTT and very humid on this walk up the stairs I was literally DRIPPING in sweat! no idea how these men where carrying these things!!!

I mean wow well done!!! The view on the way up was so cool and I got to see a little monkey, not for long as a man decided he wanted to hold it and it ran off... we got to the top of the stairs and walked into the cave at the top and it was MAD, we went from humid heat to it being actually quite cold? Nature really does amaze me- like how can a cave make such a massive difference to the temperate!


Wellllll here is the end to my first ever blogging experience!! Thanks to those who have taken the time to have a read about my Malaysia travel journey!


Chloe xxx

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