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I'm Chloe


 I live every day with a camera in my hand and I couldn't be happier - I have such a passion for capturing special moments people can keep for a lifetime. 

Besides the fact I love doing photography, I've always been involved with animals. I spent a huge majority of my childhood surrounded by the wildlife, horses and plenty of playful doggies. Having a career where I can incorporate all the things I love makes me feel very inspired. 


I started photography when I was 17.I saved up to buy my first second hand camera and completely fell in love with taking photos, I then expanded my knowledge of wedding photography with working alongside my friend/colleague Mindy(I'm now a part of her team and take on some of her weddings as well as my own).


Aside from my interest in wedding photography and animals I have a HUGE love for travelling and exploring new and exciting cultures.


I've been extremely lucky to start working for a photography company called 'Pret a Portrait' where I can travel all over the globe to photograph inside schools. Here are some of the places I have visited. 

  •  Vietnam 

  • Singapore 

  • Malaysia 

  • Doha 

  • Jakarta 

  • Munich  

  • Barcelona

  • Hamburg 

  • Cyprus 

  • Amsterdam

  • Denhaag

  • France 


 I will always aim to produce photos that are perfect for you. Full of natural & spontaneous smiles.

My style is very light and bubbly and bursting with colour.I produce very clear photos that tell the story of your event.

If you'd like to have a chat or ask me any questions about my work - I'd love to hear from you!

Meet the Martin tribe 

Some of my Favourite things

  • Horse riding 

  • Drawing /painting 

  • Walking my dogs

  • Travelling  

  • Sunbathing 

  • Eating Chocolate 

  • Singapore <3 my favourite holiday destination

  • My favourite animals are Deer 

  • White wine

  • swimming 


This is Nellie


This is Lulu


This is Wilbur 

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