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Desert Camping...

Based in Qatar - Doha

So I did a mad thing and went camping in the Doha desert with 3 of my friends! I had a work trip in doha- I think it was my 7th trip there? Maybe? Same with my colleagues they had been to Qatar many times and we all thought lets do something NONE OF US HAVE DONE!! Tricky task I tell you.

Our camping was based right in the centre of Doha desert and the only way into the desert safely is dune bashing in those EPIC Toyota 4x4's. We got picked up from the hotel then driven out to the desert. They have to stop to deflate the tyres for more grip over the sandy terrane. I'd been Dune bashing 3 times before this so it was something I'd got pretty used to.


We drove to a huge dune which overlooked Saudi Arabia( a country doha DOES NOT get along with) and us being us.... took some photos.


After we finished taking some piccies, we got back into the Toyota and drove to the campsite . It was amazing we got shown to our "tent" which was a major Glamping tent it had maroon coloured curtains and funky beds and AIRCON - nil the beds didn't smell the greatest in the world and we where slightly worried in regards to hygiene but anyway we survived!!!

On the campsite there was 2 camels which where really CUTE and friendly they where tied right by the sea .On site there was also a sandy volleyball court which was awesome but I soon realised my hand eye coordination is pretty rubbish!

Falcons are very very expensive in Qatar and are precious, they had one on a perch outside the dining hall it was very striking to look at. Funny story is.... it managed to escape that night we arrived the silence was broken by men running screaming" NOOOOO THE FALCON" It had managed to get free and flew away into the distance.


I of course went to sleep first that night as I am a failure at staying awake when tired ahah! We all got awoken by a man who came stumbling into our tent in the middle of the night and my colleague jumped out of bed so quickly and shouted at this silly man telling him to get out!


We got picked up by the same driver the next morning bright and early... and a great end to this story is we saw the falcon flying around with its rope still attacked to its legs and it landed on one of the buggies going the other direction!!I mean it hand got that far from the camp site ahah.

Highly recommend glamping in the desert!

Chloe xxx

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