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My pony loving life

Hey there! I'm very excited that you have clicked to read this blog. It is one very close to my heart.

Horses are my absolute life! I've been ever so lucky to have ponies in my life since I was a little girl- I don't even have any memories of my childhood without them. My mum is a riding instructor so I was taught everything about ponies and how to do it all right. Despite those few quarrels between mother and daughter we have spent my whole life riding together spending our spare time together and I'm SO grateful for all my mum & dad gave me my whole life.

My Photography career really started to take off soon after I finished college and I spent a whole lot of time travelling the world taking photographs in international schools. This meant I really had no spare time to love my ponies as they should and my mum was doing all this work for me as well as her own work, so I made the devastating decision to sell my baby Finn- he went to a lovely lady who catches up with us ALL the time sending us videos and photos of him. I'm happy he's in a great place and a happy new life.

This was my little Finley. Or shall I say big aha!

He was such a lovely boy and always was so honest and he really helped improve my riding. He was a tricky one at the start as he was such a baby and was absolutely USELESS at everything he could get all the way down the arena on 3 strides and me having little legs took a long while to get the grasp of him and collect him up.

Nearing the end I had competed in 90cm ODES on him and gone double clears and had some amazing results and we really where a great team.

love my boy xxx


After Finn moved to his new home I really began working more on my photography and loving my travel.

But obviously I don't travel all the months in the year. I'm home a lot too, giving me lots of time to carry on my riding . My good friend Jemma has a little grey pony called poppet who I've been riding for about 3 years now- when I'm home I look after her every morning doing the mucking out and pony loving , Monday to Friday as her daughter Lulu is at school and can't get down most days.

Poppet is such a little gem, she's cheeky and fun and I never have a boring day with her!


The newest member of the pony tribe is Bailey, Lulu's next size up pony she's such a stunner- she's looks very much thoroughbred, she's a lovely bay colour and she's got the cutest most dainty little ears.

She is very good at her flatwork and wows me all the time she's such a fancy pants pony.

Both these babies are mares, and they can show that side some days but they really can be so cuddly and sweet on others. I really find them amusing as you never know what your going to get, its great coming down to the yard in the morning and working the girls out every day!


I just want to thank Jemma and Lulu for allowing me to love their ponies like my own and treat them like princesses.



Aside from riding my 2 favourite girls poppet and Bailey I've recently within the last year started learning a little bit of polo!

Poppet and Bailey live at Ashfarm Polo which is run by the amazing Charlotte and Georgia Sweeney. Ive been learning to ride some of their fantastic polo ponies and may I say... Polo is a talent for weeks my wrist hurt so much trying to hold the stick! Ive now leant how to take offside shots but they are still very messy - I'm currently practising my nearside which I'm pretty bad at!

But aside from learning all the tricky stick stuff these polo ponies are AMAZING! So easy going and lovely. Really feel very privileged to be able to learn all of this.

Here are some pics of one of my favourite polo ponies Pikachu!!!


Big Big credits to Megs donati for the pictures! I really wanted an excuse to post them all as I

love them so so much.

Thank you for reading!

Chloe xxx

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