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Your equine shoot 

Hey there! Lets talk horses. I've spent my whole life around horses they are the most BEAUTIFUL creatures, and of course they all have their own awesome personalities! I've learnt through my years of horse riding experience that they are very unpredictable and can be tricky to work with- so I never set myself a time limit to shoot with( it causes undue stress that you and I don't need).I take every shoot very carefully to ensure the horse is comfortable with me and the camera. 

If your horse wiggles and jumps about Don't worry! I will be producing an abundance of photos for you, and I have hundreds of poses and ideas we can try so if theres any you or your horse aren't happy with then we can do something else. The photos I aim to produce are quite close/cuddly including both in-hand and ridden(bareback if that is comfortable).

If you don't want photographs with your horse for any reason thats no issue we can do "loose" photographs. We can let them off loose in an enclosed area such as an arena or field. These produce amazing action shots of your horses and they're super relaxed and natural .

I come baring polo's and carrots!

Equine Prices 

Waterford Package

  • Maximum 2 horses 

  • You'll receive all edited images on an online gallery 

  • Includes horse&rider and free rein shots of ONLY the horse in an enclosed arena/field (Read above for more details)

  • one 8x10 print 


Pelham Package

  • Maximum 2 horses 

  • You'll receive all edited images on an online gallery 

  • Includes Horse&rider photos only


Snaffle Package

  •  1 horse at a time (can be more than one as long as horses like each other)

  • You'll receive all edited images on an online gallery

  • Includes free rein shots only  the horse in an enclosed arena/field (Read above for more details)


 Black Background 



  • 1 horse at a time

  • Black background photograph

  • You'll receive all edited images

  • If you have more than one horse the price includes up to 3 group photographs

£55 for 1 horse 

£80 for 2

£110for 3 


  •  1 horse  

  • Black background photograph 

  • You'll receive all edited images


£80 For 1 horse 

£100 for 2  


  • Add a horse  £40

  • add on A4 gloss print  £30 

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